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  • Windsurfer LT (Complete Set)
    Windsurfer LT (Complete Set)

    Complete hull and rig in “racing” onedesign configuration.

    The kit include: Windsurfer LT Board (race version), OneDesign 5.7m2 Sail, boom (180-240) with uphaul, mast 460 C40 SDM, mast base and universal joint.

    € 2.190,00
  • Windsurfer LT (Board)
    Windsurfer LT (Board)

    Windsurfer LT – Board Only


    Race Daggerboard – WSE019
    Open Deck Cover – WSE021
    Red Cover – WSE022
    Red MFC Fin – WSE024
    Valve Screw – WSE027
    Fin Screw – WSE029

    € 1.345,00
  • Windsurfer LT (Complete Rig Set)
    Windsurfer LT (Complete Rig Set)

    One Design 5.7 m2 racing Sail
    Approved for racing by IWCA
    Made by Sailseast for Windsurfer Europe Srls
    Material: Mylar, PVC

    € 895,00
  • Free Boardbag

    Windsurfer LT Team NL (Complete Set)
    Windsurfer LT Team NL (Complete Set)

    Windsurfer LT complete set, with board and rig in “racing” one design configuration.

    Original Windsurfer graphic on the bow. Sail produced by Sailseast (historical authorized windsurfer supplier)

    The kit include: Windsurfer…

    € 2.190,00
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